Language school for nursing staff

Who we are

IGEA Germany is a professional language school specialising in interactive language trainings for foreign nurses.

With an innovative, holistic concept, we convey both the nursing language and the everyday language for nurses and doctors who want to live and work in Germany.


What we offer

IGEA trains nursing staff in its own language school to a high level of linguistic quality until they obtain the B2/C language examination or the German Laurea qualification.

We do not only focus on the language, but on the human being!

IGEA offers itself as a competent partner for hospitals and companies as well as for public and private health services. When it comes to language and personal skills, IGEA is the right partner for you.

IGEA also provides health personnel such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, assistants, medical social workers and other innovative nursing professions.

Our language

IGEA has a holistic approach to the teaching of language and content. Anyone coming to Germany from abroad must realign their entire inner map: Language, culture, care contents and the mental stabilization of the own motivation are crucially important.

A holistic view and integration into the new environment secure work in the long run with joy and commitment. That is why we attach great importance to communicative skills and the social integration of our participants.

In addition to the everyday language, we also teach practical nursing language to give the participants confidence in their daily work.

Care is our passion

IGEA offers language services at a high level. We offer group courses and individual tuition for nurses and doctors, based on a newly developed holistic concept. We focus not only on the language but on the entire human being. Test us and you will be satisfied.